Creating Jobs In Africa



Here’s our Red Rose Naturals in Ghana, Africa Shea Butter team. This has been one of our greatest joys... 

Thank you for making this possible. During the pandemic our sisters from the motherland unfortunately experienced a significant decrease in employment due to the seaport closures, limiting trading and exportation opportunities.

Once the borders re-opened, Red Rose Naturals created its own Shea Butter team to import our raw ingredients directly from the women of the African villages for products like our Body Butter Blends. 

We are now proudly supporting and providing employment for black women in Africa while they support us! This is HUGE! Sometimes I'm really in disbelief of this wonderful blessing.

Red Rose Naturals commits to fair trade practices, meaning that we pay a premium price for our Shea Butter and work with the villages to identify and support additional development efforts and needs while also obtaining our lost history, as it relates to the African Diaspora.

As you may know, we believe that it's important to pour back into the community. Community involvement is something we've done from the beginning, whether it's our local communities in Florida or our fellow black sisters and brothers in Africa.

Each one, Reach one. We each have our own unique way of uplifting others and I'm thankful that you have joined me in on this mission. 

Thank you for your support, 


Sharica McGee, B.S.

CEO, Founder, Skincare Formulator & Educator