Pure In Skincare, Purpose In Africa

One of the best compliments that can make our day is when someone says, “You have beautiful skin!” What we see in the mirror significantly affects our confidence because it’s the first representation of who we are to the world. Red Rose Naturals skincare routine enhances your outer beauty by creating organic and natural products to help you safely nourish healthy skin. We formulate products with raw shea butter directly from Africa accomplished by our Red Rose Naturals Ghana Team.

Starting the Journey

Years ago, my family removed all harmful cleaning products, genetically modified food, and personal care items from our home to protect ourselves from toxic chemicals. When my youngest son developed eczema in 2015, I decided to make skincare products with only the best natural ingredients for him. I spent weeks researching eczema, skincare, and other related health topics and learned to make organic lotion, deodorant, and soap.

The T.L.C. Skin Salve and the Eczema Relief Lotion were the first products I created to soothe and nourish my son's skin. When I saw their amazing results, I started sharing them as gifts with family and friends who had various skin problems. The gifts soon turned into requests to buy my lotions, soaps, and salves. After several happy customers, I launched Red Rose Naturals in  September 2017 so more people like you could enjoy the same satisfying experience. We are located in Florida and now proudly serve customers across the country and internationally from countries such as Egypt, France, and Japan. 

We are dedicated to creating sustainable employment opportunities for women in Africa and mentorship for young women in the USA & Globally. Our strong mission is to change the way we engage with the world through fair trade practices. This is what led to the development of the Red Rose Naturals Shea Butter Ghana team. The result is a company that is passionate about healthy skincare solutions and extensive community involvement.

Creating High-Quality Skincare

Apart from food, the last place we want to find harmful toxins is in our personal care items that should help us relax and be refreshed. I’ve gained an in-depth understanding of how toxins penetrate our skin and the holistic function of the body through my background in healthcare. Completing my Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan and working in clinical healthcare for more than ten years have helped me excel in pathophysiology, microbiology, chemistry, and human anatomy. This experience along with personally treating my son’s condition helps me to formulate high-quality products just for you. You don’t need mainstream or cheaply made products that often contain irritants and carcinogens when nature offers abundant resources to replenish your skin.

Red Rose Naturals uses organic and natural ingredients to protect your health and boost your confidence through hydrated, soft, and glowing skin. From our African Black Soap imported from a West African village to our luxurious Body Butter blended with African Shea Butter, each product is created with a perfect blend of easy-to-read ingredients. We're dedicated to meeting your needs for your beauty and hygiene routine, in particular, those (adults & children) with blemishes and acne or eczema-prone skin. Many customers enthusiastically agree we provide the most soothing organic lotion for the skin. 

Explore our shop for products that best suit you and join us on this journey to a healthier lifestyle from nature’s hands. Your support is always appreciated!


Love your beautiful & healthy skin,

Sharica McGee




Sharica McGee

Founder & Skincare Formulator