Where Does Shea Butter Come From?

Where Does Shea Butter Come from?


(It’s Sharica here 👋🏿, dropping in to share a bit)

You’re aware that our Shea Butter is harvested from our Queens in West Africa for our amazing Body Butters but do you know WHERE it comes from?


Africa is the motherland for a great reason. Every mineral or resource is primarily found in the continent of Africa.

Beyond that, Africa is where all civilization begun. 


You’ll notice or have noticed by now, that many nations, especially the Asian and European-American culture is persistently finding ways to obtain the extremely rich resources that are ONLY available in Africa. These resources include gemstones, gold, diamonds, cobalt and much much more. 

We’re thankful to reconnect with our homeland and create partnerships that are much more like rebuilding family with an honest desire to foster fruitful relationships. We are one, Melanated Women supporting Melanated Women, connecting the two sticks of Africa together again. 


Getting back to the Butter...


Shea Butter comes from a native, wild-growing African tree that produces a tiny, almond-like fruit with a nut inside.


Shea Butter is one of the main ingredients formulated in our  raw, authentic pure body butters

Villagers separate the nut from the fallen fruit, then boil and let the butter float to the surface. The butter is then milled and filtered for impurities, packaged in blocks and shipped to us so we can bring it to you. Shea Butter is known as “women’s gold” in Africa because it is a valuable source of income for the women in Ghana.  We are proud to have the best source of Shea Butter at Red Rose Naturals. Our Shea Butter is unrefined, pure, non-gmo, high-quality and always fresh from Ghana in West Africa. 


In short, Choosing our Body Butter Collection and products means that you’re glowing beautifully, inside and out. 


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