French Pink Clay Mask


Discover the best hydrating, exfoliating and nourishing face masks. Our facial masks are made with all-natural ingredients from organic botanicals and minerals. Pamper your skin with Red Rose Naturals’ selection of clarifying, repairing & soothing masks. 

Treat skin concerns with our Spa Grade masks that help hydrate skin, smooth fine lines, slough away dead cells and unclog pores.

French Pink Clay-Exfoliates & Brightens

Benefits: Ultra-gentle exfoliation and nourishment for all skin types. Pink Clay Mask is our most gentle mask, yet exfoliating. Pink Clay provides a gentle detox while our Rose Hip powder provides a high content of Vitamin C. The result is a skin-softening beautifying mask that leaves skin feeling healthy, soft and radiant.

Directions:  In a separate bowl, mix 1/2 to 1 tablespoon with a few drops of water until a nice paste is formed. Apply to your face and let dry. Rinse with warm water.

Ingredients: Organic French Pink Clay, Organic Rose Powder, Organic Bentonite, Organic White China Clay, Organic Kaolin, Organic Rose Hip Powder.

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